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How to acquire the right Telephone System for your Business

Most companies really don’t know their own telecom environment. They usually don’t have a clue especially if they have 5 or more office phones. They may have a vague idea but don’t understand the nuts and bolts of how it works, where they got it, how to fix it or where to find support. In […]

nimboIP Donates to LifeDesigns

LifeDesigns recently received a $20,076 donation from nimboIP to upgrade technology equipment.

nimboIP is a business-to-business managed service provider of telecommunications and information technology solutions with a history of serving companies in Indiana since 1989.

What are fiber optics and why should I care?

Fiber optics can be a fancy term that’s sometimes thrown around, but many people may not even know what fiber optics really are. So let’s start with the basics. Fiber optics are a type of network cable made up of small glass cables. These cables are specifically designed for long distances producing high-performance data networking. […]