cloud phone system

3 things you should know about a cloud phone system

At this point, we’ve heard all about the many benefits of the cloud. So much so, in fact, that’s it basically background noise at this point. From mobility and cost-efficiency to scalability and modern features, we all know the drill.


But what happens when you take the cloud and make it part of your communication platform? Now, that … that’s when things once again start to get interesting.

Here are three things you should know about a cloud phone system.

No extra wiring or major equipment is needed.

A cloud phone system can be hosted off-site. And you know what this means.

No crazy wiring and no expensive equipment. Just a phone and your internet connection.

Because of this, you’ll experience savings in more ways than one.

For starters, less physical equipment means less hardware maintenance and less of a need for IT support. On top of this, it also means less energy and significantly reduced energy bills.

But cost-efficiency and energy savings aren’t the only perks of a cloud platform.

Imagine how much stress an off-site solution can eliminate.

Since the vendor automatically handles upgrades, updates, and maintenance, all you have to worry about is the communication itself.

Not the platform you do it on.

You can usually get by with a flat, monthly rate.

When you transition to a cloud-based communication platform, it’s usually done so at a flat, monthly rate.

In other words, you know what to expect because you get everything you need … at the same price … from one month to the next.

And what’s even better is that the majority of features modern companies need to communicate — like conference calling, desktop integration, and call forwarding — come at that flat, monthly rate. These features aren’t “upcharges,” and they aren’t “miscellaneous fees.” They’re simply part of the package.

You can take your number wherever you go.

Since your communication platform is hosted in the cloud and operates with the help of an internet connection, you could potentially take your office line wherever you go.

Odds are, you probably don’t want to do that … but one day, you may have a need for it.

Sure, you could benefit from this feature for a few hours or even a few days — which could come in handy if you needed to go out of town for work. But imagine how beneficial this feature would become if your office building suddenly went up in flames or went down with an earthquake?

At this point, you could maintain communication with your co-workers with little to no real hassle or cost involved. And that is a perk that can’t be overlooked.

The benefits of a cloud phone system don’t stop here. So if you’d like to learn more, we’d love to talk to you. We provide managed voice services to companies of all sizes and have decades of combined experience in the communications industry; however … We do things a little differently than what you’re probably used to. Give us a call to learn what this difference is.