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3 great webcams for high-definition video conferencing

Video conferencing has become more and more important for businesses operating in the 21st century … and rightfully so.

This is because seeing and hearing will always be better than just hearing (obviously).

But beyond this, video conferencing has become a very doable thing for any business — whether you’re an organization of 500 individuals or a two-man shop operating out of a basement. Anyone can video conference and everyone should.

However, the trick is figuring out where to start and the best way to set it all up. So in the hopes of making that process a little less daunting, here are a few of the best webcams for high-definition video conferencing.

Logitech C922 Pro Stream

At $99 a pop, the C922 Pro Stream from Logitech is compatible with Windows, Mac, Chrome OS, and Android devices.

This little guy broadcasts your images in full HD and comes equipped with a handful of innovative features. For example, you could broadcast your live feed with other relevant images in the background. This is a feature widely used by gamers but can easily be employed by a team of working professionals in a memorable and fun way.

With two omnidirectional mics, the 922 boasts a 78-degree field of view and incorporates no-drop audio and autofocus features. It will even automatically adjust your images to account for the lighting of your environment. In other words, the video will be clear even despite dim lighting.

Microsoft LifeCam HD-3000

If you’d like a large majority of your employees to have high-definition access to video conferencing, the Microsoft LifeCam HD-3000 might be the webcam for you.

At only $39, the LifeCam fits nicely onto a desktop or laptop and delivers bright, colorful video that’s Skype-certified.

Omnidirectional microphones cancel out all that extra noise to provide perfect audio, and TrueColor technology works well with any lighting conditions to provide perfect video.

With a widescreen format and 720 HD video chat, the LifeCam from Microsoft is a cost-effective choice for everyday video conferencing.

TeckNet C016

TechRadar says that the TeckNet C016 is proof that cheap doesn’t always mean nasty.

Now, while TeckNet probably isn’t the greatest webcam for a professional video conference with outside vendors or partners, it is a wonderful solution for employees. And at $15 a piece, you could literally get one for every employee.

This HD webcam delivers great video and audio, and with a plug-and-chat option, it’s incredibly easy to start video chatting.

An adjustable stand that rotates both horizontally and vertically allows you to attach the webcam to just about anything, anywhere. At the same time, benefit from auto-face tracking, built-in noise-canceling microphones, and an all-glass 5-element lens.

If your company wants video conferencing to be in its near future, then give nimboIP a call or send us a message. We provide business-grade voice solutions for companies throughout Indiana, and we’d love to help your business start video conferencing.